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It's day 2 (yeah day 2)!
Supposedly I already decided my 2015 resolutions, but the true is I failed.
So here I'm trying to do my best and decide once for all what I want to achieve.

Creative field
       In 2014 I felt that my creativity was not used, and I missed that part of me (what happens when you devote more time at work). So I decided to create little projects so I can explore that side of me:

#happymoment - I'm starting this tag in order to identify each day what made me happy, in that way I'll be more appreciative about the little moments.

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Body field
       Try new recipes, and more healthy ones (hard so hard).

Books field
      In 2014 I read 8 out of 10. So I'll try to read 15 (easy puff, or not).
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So I think that's it. 
I'm not promising anything more ... But all I can say for sure is that my main goal is to be HAPPY and you should try as well.

Good Luck and Happy New Year !

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