Drama over responsibility

You think people trust you when they give you more responsibility!

The ugly true is that they don’t give a fuck… They don’t want to get upset with the subject, so they give it to you, with the excuse “you’re better at it”.

Watch out. HR Advice.


Knock Knock


She’s looking for love.
*Knock Knock*
Someone is knocking at her door.
But it’s no one there, not even love.
She thinks its love that will bring happiness.
Will it? Is it worth the wait?

Kiss Kiss


Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie.
What a tragic event ... we fought for so long to have freedom of speech, that these kind of situations keep our convictions more stronger than ever.
My thoughts are as well with those who believe in a different god, and now have to live in fear because of the prejudice.

I hope this won't feed the prejudice or the fear to express ourselves.

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Page 5 of 365

So cold outside and I wish I could be in my onesie, drinking tea and re-watch Harry Potter movies.
Lame I know.

If you could choose, what would you be doing right now?

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Page 2 of 365

It's day 2 (yeah day 2)!
Supposedly I already decided my 2015 resolutions, but the true is I failed.
So here I'm trying to do my best and decide once for all what I want to achieve.

Creative field
       In 2014 I felt that my creativity was not used, and I missed that part of me (what happens when you devote more time at work). So I decided to create little projects so I can explore that side of me:

#happymoment - I'm starting this tag in order to identify each day what made me happy, in that way I'll be more appreciative about the little moments.

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Page X of 365 - Write a post with this title, as many as I can.

Body field
       Try new recipes, and more healthy ones (hard so hard).

Books field
      In 2014 I read 8 out of 10. So I'll try to read 15 (easy puff, or not).
      You can follow me on goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/7380221-ornela

So I think that's it. 
I'm not promising anything more ... But all I can say for sure is that my main goal is to be HAPPY and you should try as well.

Good Luck and Happy New Year !

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